Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX SMP
The Kind Of The Text :

Procedure Text ( Imperative/ Intruction)
The goal of the procedure is how to make / how to operate.
- The Goal/ The Purpose
- The Material
- The Step :
- Firstly…
- Next…
- Then…
- Afterthat…
- Finally…
Past tense/ Simple present tense

Narative text
The goal of the narative is to entertain.
- Orientation
- Conflication
- Rerriantation
- Resolution
Simple past tense

Recount text
The goal of the recount is to retell about past experience.
- Simple Past tense
- Orientation
- Event 1,
- Event 2, …

Report text
The goal of the report is to give information / news.
- Identification
- Discription 1
- Discription 2
Simple present/ simple past tense

Discription text
The goal of the discriptive is to describe of thing or people.
- general clasification
- description 1
- description 2
Simple present tense

Short Functional text
Example :
1. memo
2. message
3. letter
4. announcement
    The goal of the announcement is to announce the information 
5. invitation
    The goal of the invitation is to invite someone
6. advertisement
    The goal of the advertisement is to advertise / to promote the things
7. notice/ symbol
8. label

Tag Questions
Affirmative Sentence and  Negative Tags
·         She is a journalist, isn’t she?
·         I was very sick, wasn’t I ?
·         We can sing dangdut, can’t we ?
·         You live in Paris, don’t you ?
·         The published her book, didn’t they ?
·         I have told you, haven’t I ?
Negative Sentences and Positive Tags.
·         you aren’s a teacher, are you ?
·         they weren’t there yesterday, were they ?
·         she musn’t come, musn’t she ?
·         he doesn’t like the article, does he ?
·         you didn’t interview him, did you ?
·         the vocalist hasn’t come, has he?
Conditional Sentences
     You use the kind of conditional sentence when you are talking about a prediction for the future. Examples :
1.     If he has time, he will come.
He will come if he has time.
2.    I will not go if you don’t go.
If you don’t go, i will not go.
3.    Will she come if I invite her ?
Yes, she will.
She will come if you invite her.
Writing Personal Letter
            A personal letter is an informal written message between friends, relatives, and acquintances. Ussually, a personal letter is about personal fellings, thoughts, or experiences, which are meant to be read by a specific person.
The features of a personal letter :
·         The date.
·         Receiver’s  address.
·         An opening greeting or salutation, usually “Dear...”.
·         A sign off or farewell, for example : “Yours sincerely”, “Best regards”,”Best wishes”, or “Cheers”.
·         Your signature to close the letter.
·         The use of informal  language to express your fellings, thoughts, and experience.
Punctuations :
·         The dates are always in the order of day, month and year.
Commas are used after the city’s name in front of the date.
e.g. Jakarta, 11 November 2011
  Makassar, 28 Agustus 2011
·         We also use commas after greetings and farewells.
e.g. Dear Sari,
  Dear Dameria,
  Yours sincerely,
  Best regards,
·         We use commas to separate the different parts of the address which are written in order.
e.g. Jalan RS. Fatmawati 3, Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan
Jalan Gatot Subroto 10, Samarinda, kalimantan Timur.


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